Rick and Morty - The Pickle Rick game



> 50 cards of Rick-ornichon and the Russians.

> 3 large character cards

> 28 building tiles

> 2 hit point markers

> 4 action dice

> 1 Rick-gherkin figure

> 1 Jaguar figure

> 10 Russian guard figures with their bases

> 1 rule booklet



Security paiement system


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It's your turn to be Rick-pickle! Rick sets sail and turns into a pickle to escape family therapy. The Russians want him dead and Jaguar must obey them to save his daughter! In this relentless hunt, choose the right tactics, use the dice tactics, use the dice, play your cards right, and work your way to victory! An asymmetrical confrontation adapted from the most cult episode of the series. Now it's your turn to be Rick-ornichon! One player takes on the role of Pickle Rick, while the other controls the Russians and Jaguar. The objective is simple: Rick-pickle must leave the bathroom to reach the helicopter on the roof of the building. The Russians must prevent him from doing so.


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Manga / Anime / Cartoon
Rick and Morty

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