Marvel Legends English Interactive Electronic Deadpool's Head


The Deadpool Marvel Legends head is a premium electronic and interactive collectible with a dedicated app and over 600 sounds and phrases in English. It has several sensors and motors for facial expressions. With the free app, you can use Deadpool to make jokes, insult friends and family, or wake up every morning (maybe even on time)! Inspired by the mercenary loudmouth, Deadpool's head is a collector's item that has some bite (note: Deadpool's head doesn't really bite).



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NO KIDDING, IT IS REALLY COOL: Who has never dreamed of owning a part of me, Deadpool? The height of nerves, isn't it? Well, it's now possible with this premium Marvel Legends interactive head.

MY HEAD IS MOVING LIKE A DANCER: Doesn't a Deadpool head have eyes? Of course it does! And also motors and sensors allowing all kinds of interactions and expressive movements! Like most heads, I imagine

THE MEN IN COSTARD-CRAVATE Told me to say that there are more than 600 SOUNDS AND PHRASES : It's important to know that a Deadpool's head, it speaks a lot, contrary to what we saw in this film, whose name I won't mention.

MORE PLEASURE WITH APPLI: The free app (yes, free, so no excuses) allows me to make myself say and do all kinds of things like [CENSORED] jokes, jokes and insults (app in English only).

Batteries required (4x C, not included).


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