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Sea of Thieves figurine PVC Captain Flameheart 12 cm

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PVC figure, size approx. 12 cm with base.



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"This world has gotten so much weaker... Festivals! Alliances! Squabbling over trinkets! I judge it unworthy.

But know this, pirates. Know this, merfolk. Know this, Sea of Thieves... I have returned, and the fires of my vengeance shall consume you all!"

— Captain Flameheart, during The Seabound Soul

Captain Flameheart (aka King Flameheart, or Captain Flameheart Senior) is a notorious Ashen Skeleton Lord.

Flameheart had been a highly anticipated character, known well before the release of Sea of Thieves. He appeared in the E3 2016 Cinematic Trailer, and his statue has been a main feature at numerous conventions and events attended by Rare Ltd. Despite this, his in-game presence had only been referenced until his introduction in the Fall 2019 release of The Seabound Soul. He has since played a pivotal role in the unfolding events in Sea of Thieves.

There are two individuals — a father and son — who have taken the pirate moniker of "Captain Flameheart". Captain Flameheart Sr, the father, is currently the only Captain Flameheart depicted in-game.


Data sheet

Captain Flameheart
Type of packaging
Window box
Plastic (PVC)
Video Game
Sea of Thieves

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