Harry Potter replica of Severus Snape's wand


Life-size replica of Severus Snape's wand, size approx. 35 cm. Delivered in a collector's box, replica of the Ollivander's box.



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Severus Snape, a half-blooded sorcerer, is a professor at Hogwarts. He began his career as a potions professor, then as a professor of Defense Against the Forces of Evil, before becoming Director of Hogwarts. Severus is also Director of the House of Slytherin. An enigmatic professor, he has hated Harry Potter since birth, perhaps because he is the son of James Potter. Best friend of Lily Evans, he was persecuted throughout his schooling by Sirius and James, leading him to hate the latter.  

Snape's magic wand is, like his personality, cold and refined, dark and finely sculpted.  

Product description :

Authentic and official replica of Severus Rogue's wand in the Harry Potter movies.

This 34 cm resin wand is presented in an Ollivander collection box, with a velvet case, moulded to the shape of the wand. Two veils on each side of the box cover it to give it a noble look. 

Produced under official license Harry Potter™.


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Severus Snape
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