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Albus Dumbledore, a tall man with a beard worthy of Merlin, his big blue eyes and half-moon glasses make him a gentle and mysterious man. His mischievous, almost childish character should not make us forget that he is considered to be the greatest sorcerer of all times, especially for his great wisdom, but also for being the only sorcerer to frighten Lord Voldemort. A protector but also a great friend of Harry Potter, we are attached to this great wizard, director of Hogwarts, who will follow the adventures of young wizards and play a major role in the great wars that will mark the history of wizards.

Dumbledore seized the Elder Wand (also known as the Wand of Destiny) during his battle with Gellert Grindelwald, from which he emerged victorious. It is the most powerful wand in the world and highly coveted in the world of Wizards. Conceived in the 13th century like the other Deathly Hallows, legend has it that it was Death himself who made the wand.

The magic wand is made of dark elderberry wood and contains a Sombral tail hair with a handle decorated with spheres.

Description of the product:

Authentic and faithful replica, this resin wand measures 40 cm approximately, is provided in the box of the collection ''personnages'' and is accompanied by a nameplate.

Product under official license Harry Potter™.


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