Harry Potter Mad-Eye Moody Wand Replica (Character Edition)


Replica painted resin by hand wand Mad-Eye Moody delivered at collection box with matching metal clip.



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Alastor (Mad eye) Moody, nicknamed Fol Oeil, is a former member of the Ministry of Magic as Auror. He was the most effective and powerful Auror against Death Eaters. Legend has it that he single-handedly filled half of Azkaban's jails. He is called to teach at Hogwarts, but is attacked by Queudver and Barty Croupton Jr. The latter takes his appearance during the school year thanks to Polynectar. Fol Oeil is a member of the Order of the Phoenix, and helps Harry in his fight against Voldemort. His nickname was earned because of his magic eye, which replaces the one he lost in battle against a black mage. This eye can rotate 360° and allows him to see to the back of his head and even through the cloaks of invisibility.

The magic wand imitates a dark, bark-like wood, whose handle forms a ball of a lighter wood colour.

Product description :

Authentic and official replica of the wand of Alastor Maugrey in the Harry Potter movies.

This resin wand is supplied in the box of the collection ''characters'' and comes with a nameplate. The wand imitates a dark bark-like wood, whose handle forms a ball of a lighter wood colour.

Produced under official license from Harry Potter™.


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Mad-Eye Moody
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