Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Wand Replica


Real size replica of Draco Malfoy's wand, size approx. 35 cm. Comes in a collector's box, replica of the box from the Ollivander´s store.



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Draco Malfoy is a pureblood, the only heir of the sorcerers Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Drago enters Hogwarts at the same time as Harry Potter and joins the House of Slytherin. Always accompanied by Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, he quickly becomes the enemy of Harry Potter and his friends during the first six years of their schooling.

During his sixth year, Drago sided with Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort puts his mark on his arm and orders him to kill Albus Dumbledore. Drago learns how to use the Disappearing Wardrobe and turns out to be a very good Occlumens since he manages to hide his intentions from Severus Snape.

Drago is also part of the Slytherin's Quidditch team, as well as the Inquisitorial Brigade of Dolores Ombrage. He later became a Death Eater, just like his parents.

His magic wand, with its sober and refined style, as well as his character, contains a unicorn hair.

Description of the product:

Authentic and official replica of the wand of Drago Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.

This resin wand is presented in an Ollivander collection box, with a velvet case, moulded to the shape of the wand. Two veils on each side of the box come to cover it to give it a noble aspect.

The stick imitates the appearance of hawthorn wood with a black handle and the rest of the stick in a darker wood colour.

Produced under official license Harry Potter™.


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