Harry Potter Professor Remus Lupine's Wand Replica (Character Edition)


Hand painted resin replica of Professor Remus Lupine's wand, delivered in a collector's box with matching metal clip.

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Remus Lupin, nicknamed Lunard, is a powerful sorcerer, one of the members of the Order of the Phoenix. During his childhood, he was bitten by Fenrir Greyback, the most ferocious werewolf in Britain; condemned by the bite, he became a werewolf sorcerer.

During his schooling Remus befriended James Potter and Sirius Black, comrades of Gryffindor. Together they made the four hundred blows, and in particular became the Marauders by creating the famous map of the same name.

Discreet, humble and showing great kindness, especially to the most oppressed, Remus was the wise word of their trio, he channeled his friends and took Peter Pettigrow under his wing.

He met and protected Harry Potter, in memory of his old friends and had a major role during the Great War, he took part in all the battles against Voldemort.

The magic wand imitates cypress wood and has a round tip for easy handling.

Product description :

Authentic and faithful replica of the wand of Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies. This resin wand measures 33.50 cm and is supplied in the box of the collection ''characters'' and comes with a nameplate.

Product under official Harry license Potter™.


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